Just Say Yes: Amber Lyon on Radical Transformation Through Psychedelics

Originally Posted at PopularResistance.org Discussed in this episode:Ayahuasca as a Cure for Amber Lyon’s PTSD, Psilocybin as a Possible Cure for Dennis Trainor Jr.’s ‘Anger Issues’, Reset.Me, Corruption at CNN, BP Oil Spill, Saving the World Through Self Improvement, DMT, LSD, Indie Media, The Healing Power of Psychedelics http://youtu.be/j91CMGdIz94 Amber Lyon, a 3 time Emmy Award [...]

The Drug War Should Be Over, Because We Lost

http://youtu.be/MKqW_OCFHJo The next time you see a kid in a just say no to drugs t-shirt, I want you to substitute, in your minds eye, the confederate flag because both are emblematic of the loosing side in a war- and just as the south was on the wrong side of the moral equation in the [...]