Tim DeChristopher Interview – Climate Change is The Context of Our Times

Originally posted at PopularResistance.org http://youtu.be/Tqwd9hZ8n6A An Interview with Tim DeChristopher, the founder of Peaceful Uprising who is widely known known for one of the more creative acts of non violent insurrection and civil disobedience in recent memory when he disrupted a government oil and gas lease auction in order to protect fragile land in southern Utah from [...]

DEBATE: Occupy’s #MayDay Action

My appearance on the Alyona Show, where I was asked to debate a GOP strategist on the success of May Day actions and the effect of images of vandalism. http://youtu.be/btnRdhlI5xk

Is there a role for Anarchists in the OWS movement?

Recently, I spoke with Thom Hartmann about the role of Anarchists within the Occupy movement. All too often, people equate anarchism with violence. http://youtu.be/myjrAutsRsc My take is this: smashing windows is vandalism and not violence. Violence is how the police have reacted to protesters armed with nothing more than an idea. However, smashing windows and [...]