The Millions March: The Post-Ferguson Moment Becoming A Movement

Local organizers stressed that this movement is growing out of the historical moment brought on by the Mike Brown case in and the “incredible bravery” of organizers and protesters in Ferguson, MO who have been in the streets, often facing down a paramilitary police force, for over 100 days and counting. In addition to exclusive footage of the Holiday Intervention, an action on December 11, where activists staged a die in at Saks 5th Ave with shoppers stepping over “dead” bodies in their quest to continue their holiday shopping, this video includes footage from along the historic #MillionsMarchNYC route including exclusive interviews with the following: Synead Nichols, Lead Organizer of Millions March NYC George Machado, NYC based Activist Nicole Carty, NYC based Activist Glenn Martin, Just Leadership USA Carl Dix, Stop Mass Incarceration Network Sabaah Jordan, NYC based Activist.

Ferguson Flash Mob! Requiem for Mike Brown Confronts White Privilege at St. Louis Symphony

Originally posted at AcronymTV About 50 protesters seeking justice for Mike Brown delayed the start of the second act of Brahms requiem on Saturday night at the St. Louis Symphony in a brilliantly executed creative protest captured by Rebecca Rivas of the St. Louis American. (read more:

From Ferguson To Palestine Occupation Is a Crime After five hours of rallies and marches on justice for Palestine and Ferguson, 1,500 protesters were in Union Square park in Manhattan, all with their hands up for Mike Brown. When the crowd took their hands down, a voice from the crowd told them “Mike Brown never took his hands down. The dead children [...]