Who Won the 3rd Debate? The Bush Doctrine

Well the debate season is over and the consensus is clear, Romney won the first debate, Obama won the second debate, and in the  final scripted pageant, the topic of which was foreign policy- the clear, undisputed, hands down winner was the Bush Doctrine. Among the other topics not ever discussed in any of the [...]

Sgt. Shamar Thomas Detains Sen. Carl Levin Over NDAA

http://youtu.be/nt_SKX0pzBg On day #1 of Occupy Congress, Sgt Shamar Thomas (of 1 Marine Vs. 30 Cops fame) joined forces with members of from both Occupations in DC, Occupy Wall Street, and members of CodePink in a protest inside of Senator Carl Levin's office today, "detaining" Sen. Levin… indefinitely for Co- Sponsoring the National Defense Authorization [...]