Obama’s Drones Made Simple

Originally Posted at PopularResistance.org https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZaGDUGXaa8 Before the 2012 election, Obama told John Stewart of The Daily Show: “one of the things we’ve got to do is put a legal architecture in place, and we need Congressional help in order to do that, to make sure that not only am I reined in but any president is reined [...]

Find The Courage To Fight Back | Resistance Report Week in review 02.08.2014

In this week’s Resistance Report week in review- What Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Death Can Teach Us About Climate Change | 00:50 of this video or watch as a stand alone segment here | To suggest that the Keystone XL pipeline will not have a negative impact on the environment is like Walter White telling Phillip Seymour Hoffman that heroin is as healthy as kale.

Video: The Day We Fight Back Against The NSA 

Originally posted at PopularResistance.org http://youtu.be/grzH12Yzna0 Activists in New York City commandeered the Verizon building to promote the February 11th day of action to stop the NSA. Members of the New York City Light Brigade, The Illuminator Art Collective and other allies turned the Verizon building in downtown New York into a large billboard to project the all seeing “NSA eye” [...]

Corporate Spying on The Resistance | Joel Northam | Resistance Report

http://youtu.be/bZ3W4z4q8U4 We hear the haunting yet absurd steps taken by the NSA to monitor citizens. Unfortunately for activists, revolutionaries, and other agents of social change, that’s only the “state” prong of surveillance. The corporate arm is much more damning. Joel Northam reports.

Presidential Pardon for Bradley Manning | Jill Stein Interview

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6GWVs8ECI0 The Green Shadow Cabinet calls on President Obama to pardon Bradley Manning for his courageous work exposing U.S. war crimes and State Department deception. Thanks to Manning's revelations of Iraqi deaths and human rights abuses by the American military, Iraq refused to renew immunity for U.S. soldiers, forcing President Obama to pull out at [...]