Occupy Sandy: One Year After The Storm

http://youtu.be/vlPj4ks-rp8 SUPPORT OCCUPY SANDY RELIEF http://occupysandy.net/donate-to-our-... The Occupy Sandy community has changed the face of disaster relief. Our network of more than 50,000 volunteers provided over 300,000 meals, remediated over 1000 homes, and provided over a million dollars' worth of donated supplies by working with our neighbors to provide mutual aid throughout the rebuilding process. Some [...]

Russell’s Brand New Revolution + Chris Hedges Interview on Class War | Resistance Report #11

http://youtu.be/oO5LxVUq8fU This content is viewer supported. Click here to donate. While watching Russell Brand's BBC interview, it is not hard to imagine two families in Middle America, neighbors, watching separately in the comfort of their own homes as Russell Brand does his bit and each nod in lonely agreement. "Yes!", they are likely to say- [...]