N17: Teenage Girl Among Early Morning Arrests @ #OWS

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGRYuMVX5BM Video showing violent arrests of a woman - and a 16 year old girl earlier this morning during the N17/ OWS protests . I am going back into the streets, check for more video later tonight at AcronymTV.com - DT  

Evicted OWS Protesters to NYPD: “What The Fuck?”

Rossi Meacham (singing vocals & playing Mandolin) told me that this song was made up on the spot. The feeling I got while near Zuccoti park right after the eviction was that he NYPD can evict protesters from the park, but the spirit of the movement cannot be crushed. Just the opposite. This will only [...]

OWS Sending Delegation to Egypt

Here is the October 2011 statement endorsing sending Occupiers to Egypt for the upcoming election: Occupy Washington, DC stands in support of the decision by OWS to send a delegation to Egypt for the election.  The people of the United States need to stand with the Egyptian revolutionaries as they try to end rule by the [...]

OWS Protesters Arrested on BKLYN Bridge. Are You The Revolution?

At least 500 demonstrators from the Occupy Wall Street protests were arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge yesterday, in a clear case of Police entrapment. After allowing, and in some cases, steering protesters onto the Brooklyn Bridge roadway, the police penned hundred in and arrested them. At first ignored, then laughed at, the inspirational commitment of [...]