Dear White People: Our State of Emergency

Dear White People: Our State of Emergency As you know, a pre-emptive State of Emergency has been called in Ferguson, Missouri as the country waits to hear if officer Darren Wilson will be charged with the murder of Michael Brown. Let’s focus on another State of Emergency for a moment. Like me, you are [...]

F**K FIFA: Why A Majority of Brazilians Think The World Cup is Bad For Brazil.

Originally Posted at A new Pew Poll finds shows that the “national mood in Brazil is grim following a year in which more than a million people have taken to the streets of major cities across the country to protest corruption, rising inflation and a lack of government investment in public services such as education, [...]

Terror Alert: Why Now?, Tar Sands Blocked, ALEC Turns 40 | Resistance Report 003 Donate here to keep this program going. Stories covered this week include: OBAMA TERROR ALERT Even a former CIA analyst who was part of the team that hunted Osama bin Laden for years, Nada Bakos said- “We just showed our hand, so now they’re obviously going to change their position on when and [...]

Abolishing The U.S. Government: Carl Gibson on our “Moral Obligation” To Abolish It Abolish it on Facebook Interview with Carl Gibson, who is organizing towards an August 3 convergence on The National Mall to do nothing less than Abolish the U.S. government. Carl Gibson is co-founder of US Uncut, a grassroots anti-austerity group that mobilized ten of thousands of activists in the months leading up to Occupy [...]

Confronting Riot Cops in Tampa –

#J17: Occupy Congress Storms All 3 Branches of Government On day #1 of Occupy Congress, Occupiers from all over the U.S converged on the capitol. Marches were staged on the Supreme Court, where thousands filled the Marble steps chanting "MONEY IS NOT FREE SPEECH" before marching to the White House where the crowd of about 2000 chanted "OBAMA, COME OUT, WE"VE GOT SOME [...]