Obama Interupted, Laughs At ‘Hecklers’ at Obamacare Rally, And Misses The Point

http://youtu.be/iRMpMwOkOcE This content is made possible with viewer support. Click here to donate. At an Affordable Care Act rally President Obama was delivering a speech defending ACA (Obamacare) protesters interrupted the proceeding by shouting “Mr. President! (Inaudible)! Stop climate change! For our generation! Stop the pipeline!” “Okay, we’re talking about healthcare today, but we will,” [...]

Government Shutdown Apocalypse: A Survival Primer

With Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) saying Tuesday that the best way for Congress to resolve the standoff over the government shutdown is to tie the matter to the looming fight over raising the debt ceiling, the possibility that the government shut down could morph into the US defaulting on its debt raises serious questions about the austerity that may soon face us. As Chris Hedges, Nicholas Mirzoeff, and Kevin Zeese postulate, this may be a revolutionary moment in more ways than one. What are you going to do about it?

Police Sucker Punch Handcuffed David Petraeus Protester | Resistance Report Segment

http://youtu.be/8fcJJ6IRbcI Earlier this week, the NYPD violently cracked down on a group of non-violent protesters who oppose Petraeus teaching at the college, with police shown here punching a protester as he is cuffed and face down on the ground.

Petraeus Sex Scandal Masks His Murderous Legacy

All this fuss over sex for a guy who excels in homicide? http://youtu.be/b8wmsBrbtcM co-written with Cal Colgan

The Rolling Jubilee + Keystone XL vs. Green New Deal (acronym full episode/ Nov 14)

http://youtu.be/jEDWAyA3BhU The section on Keystone XL was co-written with Brett Redmayne-Titley

Keystone XL vs. Green New Deal (acronym episode segment/ Nov 14)

Bill Mckibben calls it the fuse to the biggest carbon bomb on the planet. James Hanson says that if tapped, the Tar Sands spell game over for any hope of achieving a stable climate- meaning we will exponentially increase the speed with which we create an uninhabitable earth. Reality check: One of the most important [...]