Something Is Happening Here: A Month of Resistance To Stop Mass Incarceration

Originally posted at In this clip form Acronym TV’s full show on the call for a month of resistance To Mass Incarceration, Carl Dix and Juanita Young call on people to recognize the injustice of the system of Mass Incarceration and join the resistance to put an end to it. Watch the full episode here. [...]

Why the Capitalist Elite Love Mass Incarceration

Originally Posted at In this clip from Acronym TV’s full program, to discuss a planned month of Resistance To Mass Incarceration, Carl Dix breaks the war on drugs and the war on crime as proxy wars for the war on black, Latino, and oppressed people. This war, according to Dix, has been going on for [...]

With Mass Incarceration, U.S. is Guilty of a Slow Motion Genocide

This content is viewer supported. Donate today. Subscribe to Acronym TV on Youtube, and follow on Twitter & Facebook. If this were happening anywhere else in the world, Americans would be justifiably horrified: 1 out of every 100 adults are living behind bars in the United States, with 1 in 31 in some sort of correctional control, [...]

USA is #1 …in jailing its population This clip is an excerpt from American Autumn: an Occudoc. Get it on iTunes today. The question of whether persons convicted of a crime should be imprisoned or not is now increasingly influenced by economic interests. While prisons have long tended to be located in rural communities because of the availability of cheap land, [...]