After Occupy, Reform or Revolution? | American Autumn Excerpt Get the full movie for FREE by emailing at with American Autumn in the subject line. ABOUT AMERICAN AUTUMN: an OCCUDOC A year after the birth of the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York City, writer, director and producer Dennis Trainor, Jr. made a full-length feature documentary capturing the fervor and passion that spread through [...]

Reform is Dead. Revolution Now: An Open Letter to the 3.5% This is an open letter to you. Yes, you: You! Are! The 3.5%! We are in a historic moment where a new cultural, political, ecological reality must emerge and replace the dominant paradigm. The planet itself, to say nothing of the overwhelming majority of human beings, can no longer live with the killer that [...]

Revolution At The Ballot Box

It is estimated that 90 million eligible votes will sit out this election. While there are small handfuls that articulate principled stances against voting, the overwhelming majority is part of an epidemic of indifference or self-imposed impotence. Why? Before voting, watch and share this video. ### Acronym TV is viewer supported. Donate $3 to [...]