Syria Endgame: Kerry, Obama In Checkmate as Assad Agrees To Give Up Chemical Weapons John Kerry learned the hard way that you should not play chess with the Russians. Early this morning, The Associated Press reported that Syria's Foreign Minister has said his country has accepted a Russian proposal to relinquish control of its chemical arms stores. Well what do you know? The United States Government, which would [...]

Karl Rove and Barack Obama Agree On Syria | We Need A Democracy Movement to #FixThisSh*t (002)

Karl Rove agrees in full with Obama's assessment to dive into war with Syria. Just another reason why we need a Democracy Movement to Fix This Sh*t

US Intervention In Syria is A Mission Creep with Roots in CIA Led 1953 Iranian coup d’état The horrific suffering of the Syrian people must end. There are now nearly 2 million refugees who have fled Syria in an exodus whose scale has not been seen since the Rwanda genocide of 1994. Inside Syria, some 100,000 have died in their ongoing civil war, a recent 1,000 or so due to chemical [...]

Syrian Rebels Claim Saudi Prince Bandar Responsible For Chemical Weapons Attack

Secretary of State John Kerry, making the case for military action said last Monday that links between the attack and the Assad government is "undeniable," and that Assad’s guilt was judgment already clear to the world. By Thursday, US Intelligence officials said linking Syrian President Bashar Assad or his inner circle to an alleged chemical [...]