Worldwide March Against Monsanto | Resistance Report #10 Saturday October 12- People in over 400 cities and 57 countries march against Monsanto. The worldwide action comes days ahead of Monsanto receiving the Nobel Prize for Agriculture- the prestigious World Prize of Food for creating GMO'. Also in this episode of the Resistance Report. Is the Department of Homeland Security Preparing for Another [...]

Ted Cruz and the Tea Party vs. Democracy | #FixThisShit 003 This content is viewer supported. Become a patron today.  Are Ted Cruz and the Tea Party the only ones to blame? No. They are, however, a great place to start a discussion about the Tyranny of the minority. The likelihood of a government shutdown morphing into a situation where Congress does not vote to [...]

F*ck The Middle Class. OK, I Said It.

The sheer scale of poverty in the U.S. is so massive that it can seem as if eliminating or dramatically reducing it would be nearly impossible. After all, 46 million people is a lot of people. But in reality, if we stick to the official poverty line, the amount of money standing in the way of poverty eradication is much lower than people realize.

The Future of Acronym TV Become a Patron, for a little as $1 a month.  The future of the show depends on it. Here is the deal plain and simple: I produce a daily independent political show-Acronym TV and a weekly 30-minute weekend show called The Resistance Report. I write, edit, produce, and host the show. My content is opinionated, [...]

Police Sucker Punch Handcuffed David Petraeus Protester | Resistance Report Segment Earlier this week, the NYPD violently cracked down on a group of non-violent protesters who oppose Petraeus teaching at the college, with police shown here punching a protester as he is cuffed and face down on the ground.

Miley Cyrus Twerking on MLK, Syria, and Other Things That Matter My immediate reaction when some so-called shocking pop culture event like the 21st century minstrel show put on by Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke and a bunch of life sized teddy bears that will be in my nightmares for years is wonder and existential awe at the human race’s ability to stick its head so [...]