Occupy Wall Street Post Eviction. What Next? (Interview with J.A. Myerson )

As Occupy Wall Street, along with a growing number of occupations are now navigating a post eviction existence.  While we keep hearing the refrain that “you can’t evict an idea”, is that really true? For some perspective on this new phase in the movement, I spoke with J.A. Myerson, an independent journalist who has been [...]

N17: Teenage Girl Among Early Morning Arrests @ #OWS

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGRYuMVX5BM Video showing violent arrests of a woman - and a 16 year old girl earlier this morning during the N17/ OWS protests . I am going back into the streets, check for more video later tonight at AcronymTV.com - DT  

OWS Protesters Arrested on BKLYN Bridge. Are You The Revolution?

At least 500 demonstrators from the Occupy Wall Street protests were arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge yesterday, in a clear case of Police entrapment. After allowing, and in some cases, steering protesters onto the Brooklyn Bridge roadway, the police penned hundred in and arrested them. At first ignored, then laughed at, the inspirational commitment of [...]