A World Cup For The 1%

Originally Posted at PopularResistance.org http://youtu.be/s1hm2UK9laQ When Germany and Argentina square off in the Word Cup Final, the whole world will be watching the culmination of what may be the most exciting FIFA World Cup Tournament ever. What most people are unaware of, however, is the brutal conditions that FIFA creates to pull off the games.

F**K FIFA: Why A Majority of Brazilians Think The World Cup is Bad For Brazil.

Originally Posted at PopularResistance.org http://youtu.be/xod-2qTM8Bo A new Pew Poll finds shows that the “national mood in Brazil is grim following a year in which more than a million people have taken to the streets of major cities across the country to protest corruption, rising inflation and a lack of government investment in public services such as education, [...]